20 years old.
UCLA Undergrad.
I want to wander the world.
I miss the woods,the animals, the stars and the fresh air, I was not meant for the city.
I go through phases, ones that usually entail me hating everyone for long periods of time. I fill the voids of my life with Wilde, Robbins, and Dostoyevsky.
I scrapbook, I paint, I create.
& These are some of my thoughts.

Cabras Desmayo

Things Here Just Don't Belong.

UCLA is only giving me four days off for this break.

Two 5pg papers, one 10pg paper, over 200 pages of reading, and marathoning my favorite 25 ep KDrama?

Challenge accepted.

No matter how many times I watch Hana Yori Dango…Domyoji’s mom’s facial expressions never cease to amuse me.